VC-Backed Startups

Early-stage companies that understand the value of data analytics and intelligently develop a business model using the insights gained from data often get to market more effectively, have better solutions and are more efficient in their operations.

As companies grow, they automatically collect a lot of insightful data about their market, customers, employees and finances. Analyzing this data to uncover inspiring patterns or various insights can be a great opportunity to improve every aspect of a business model.

Key challenges

Our capabilities

Lack of controlling procedures, data culture and reporting ecosystem due to different focus and often lack of time and budget for HR or in-box technology

We provide outsourced controlling services combined with a scalable BI-class reporting solution.

In an efficient cost model, we provide startups with the competence of a financial controller along with modern analytics, and the scope of cooperation grows with the company.

Not fully recognized economics of business concepts that are being implemented, often resulting in inefficiencies and an unknown break-even point

We are able to take a deep dive into our clients’ business model and unpack it into particles.

We try to get to the profitability of a single customer, contract or subscription – this is called Unit Economics.

With this data, startup is able to make decisions about shaping its venture at the individual process level with greater ease.

Difficulty in retaining and attracting investors without financial competence, strategic experience and knowledge of how to tell the story of their business with credible data

We help entrepreneurs and managers at startups manage communications with investors regarding business, operational, financial and accounting data – regardless of formal accounting statements or tax filings.

In doing so, we increase transparency and trust in startups, making it easier for them to talk about future funding rounds.

Focusing on fine-tuning of the solution offered by startup and its commercialization, with no sufficent budget to hire a CFO. This results in a strategic finance skills gap.

We work with startups by providing them with tailor-made solutions. We are able to provide high quality financial know-how at a fraction of a full CFO’s salary and on top of that, we don’t expect non-salary benefits.

The scope of our cooperation can evolve and be flexibly shaped as the business develops.

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