Every growing and competitive industry is looking to mine the depths of their data for action-inspiring insights that will help them improve productivity and performance, but the healthcare industry has specific nuances that make data even more valuable.

The process of collecting, processing and analyzing data can support healthcare companies to find ways to improve patient care, increase efficiency, strengthen privacy protections and apply advanced analytics technologies.

Key challenges

Our capabilities

The volume of data, growing at an exponential rate, from which it is increasingly difficult to draw valuable insights

We help get out of spreadsheets that are ineffective with large volumes of data, as well as accounting and ERP systems that do not have adequate analytical functions.

We will support you in gathering your data in one place, where it will be largely managed in automated processes.

Based on them, we will create stunning reports for your organization, full of insightful, actionable data, with the ability to analyze from top to bottom.

Inefficient processes, resource allocation and low profitability of some business activities due to lack of data and business knowledge.

We support organizing operational, financial and business knowledge so that you can make informed and wise business decisions.

We fill in the gaps in your team’s competence to conduct insightful business assessments of your business lines or services.

We create tools to monitor an organization’s performance so that it can grow profitably.

Increasing patient expectations, especially in competitive private healthcare

We help you define KPIs and track the quality of patient care with the right procedures and tools.

Increased need for more care coverage and shortage of healthcare workers

The healthcare industry in some countries requires consolidation in M&A processes to comprehensively address patient needs and achieve valuable synergies.

We assist companies to participate in this consolidation, advising on both the sell side and the buy side.

Limited government funding compared to industry & patients needs

We arrange bank financing for healthcare entities, both for current operational and investment purposes.

We also help find financing for larger strategic projects (M&A).

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