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Being agile doesn’t just have to be about managing IT projects. It should also apply to finance and your business as a whole. However, it’s hard to act agile without being empowered with data.

We help ambitious and high-performance-oriented IT teams manage their data and finances, and step into strategic advisory roles when needed.

Key challenges

Our capabilities

Data distributed in various places (project management, resource allocation, timesheets, customer tickets, accounting data, payroll, budgets).

We create one source of truth containing all key data in one place in the cloud or on-premise.

At the same time we automate some of the reporting processes, integrate the databases, create links between them.

Based on the data collected & processed, we create effective, interactive analytical and managerial reports.

Lack of financial competences and understanding of accounting processes

We fill the missing competencies in a flexible and scalable outsourcing form.

We become your translator of accounting and financial language.

Lack of complete and reliable knowledge of the estimated and actual profitability of individual business lines, projects or services

We design procedures, tools and reports that allow you to calculate, monitor and forecast the profit margins of every earning activity of your IT company.

Dynamic growth and the need to be agile not only in operations, which many software houses are doing well with, but also in making informed business and strategic decisions

We help create and systematically, incrementally develop an effective reporting ecosystem.

It will enable you to quickly check the information you need, get valuable insights and make data-driven decisions based on them.

If you need advice on strategic projects, we are also at your service (M&A, due diligence, financing, valuations, financial modeling).

Lack of consistently maintained budgets and measurement of deviations. Non-parameterized business goals.

We take the burden off you in this process by organizing the budgeting process and providing tool support to effectively measure deviations and identify their causes.

We focus not only on results, but also look at working capital and cash flow.

We also help you define and benchmark your business goals & KPIs, so you know if things are going well.

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