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The pool of retail data is vast. It includes customer behavior, inventory levels, product insights and marketing performance, to name a few. From the data, you can learn who and how to target sales, what pricing strategies are optimal, and are the key dates in the customer lifecycle.

However, some, if not most, companies are still failing to effectively collect data and turn them into actionable insights. Without a proper strategy to act on data, efforts and resources are wasted. The challenge today is not only to achieve but also to sustain data-driven growth.

Key challenges

Our capabilities

Increasing consumer awareness and competitiveness in all sales channels requiring quick and smart decisions to reach the customer with the right offer

We support marketing and sales departments by providing them with effective tools for multidimensional, analysis of customer behavior – regardless of sales channel and data sources.

Valuable data scattered across a variety of sources, especially with an omnichannel approach to sales

We are creating centralized reporting ecosystems that are a single source of truth.

We automate selected data import and processing workflows, so you can get rid of multiple spreadsheets and save long hours spent processing data.

We create clear reports that you can easily and securely share within your organization.

Lack of proper budgeting procedures and bottleneck problems during challenging liquidity periods

Knowing the needs of your industry and the specifics of doing business in it, we help arrange budgeting procedures, including planned financial results, working capital and cash flow.

We also provide tools for planning and analyzing deviations in order to take the necessary actions in a timely manner.

Low margins in some segments, forcing consolidation processes to achieve earnings growth and efficiency enhancement

We help you find your way both as an acquisition target by developing and helping you implement an exit strategy, and in acquisitions as a buy-side adviser if you are planning aggressive growth.

In both cases, we comprehensively help prepare the company and make wise decisions based on data and our years of experience in similar projects.

Limited availability of financing due to lack of valuable fixed assets as collateral for loans

We help convince debt providers to the company using our network of contacts.

We prepare a financial model, business plan and other documents that, although often not formally necessary, can explain the complexities of the business model

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