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Business services can vary in nature, but whether they are technology-based or human labor-based it is extremely important that the activity carried out is efficient and profitable. However, it is difficult to make an objective assessment of this based on general estimates or intuition.

The B2B services market is becoming even more challenging due to varying contract formats, long cycles and, on top of that, often complex resource structures. In this landscape, only those who have full control over the most important processes and automate as much as possible are able to grow effectively.

Key challenges

Our capabilities

Low level of data culture in the industry due to the multitude of processes and data volumes associated with the services provided

We support companies in taming complex data from a variety of sources and refining the processes involved to achieve more useful business insights for managers.

We are deploying cutting edge reporting and analytical technologies to pay off the technology debt in this area.

Lack of awareness or sufficient data to effectively track performance and margins at detailed levels

We identify elements of the business model of particular importance to the company’s performance.

Subsequently, we help streamline procedures that allow for the collection and processing of man-hours data, variable cost details, customer acquisition costs and any other industry-specific figures. We also help manage cost allocation keys & procedures.

On this basis, we create valuable reports enabling efficient optimization of the business model.

Difficulty in capturing reliable monthly, quarterly and annual margins at the accounting level

We help companies manage their accounting processes and policies to achieve alignment of revenues and expenses (matching principle), regardless of invoice, bills, payroll dates and the settlement method with contractors.

Complex and time-consuming processes related to communicating business or operational data to contractors, financial institutions, investors

We create sets of dashboards dedicated to the company’s clients or its subcontractors, which make it possible to seamlessly and securely share current business or operational data.

Such dashboards can be part of a company’s apps or b2b platforms.

Difficulty and time-consuming nature of scaling b2b services

We facilitate the expansion of b2b service businesses by enabling easier access to growth capital and participation in market consolidation (buy & sell-side advisory).

We know how to ensure the highest possible valuation of a business for transactional purposes, and we know how to effectively conduct processes with banks and investors. Our team has been doing this for 20 years.

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