CleanTech & Recycling

Smart, data-driven Recycling & CleanTech companies are using data analytics not only to analyze its financial situation, but also to optimize quality management, source materials and optimize supply chain data.

Environmental and market factors are also becoming increasingly important, further generating data sets that demand attention. We support this competitive and challenging market in digital transformation, financial control and selecting the right business strategies.

Key challenges

Our capabilities

Time-consuming reporting processes associated with tracking industry-specific KPIs

We help collect, process, report and analyze data on your company’s environmental impact, raw materials purchase prices, net energy production, ESG data and other metrics the company considers relevant.

All in a friendly reporting ecosystem that collects the most important data in one place with the ability to share insights effectively.

Lack of sufficient competences and resources to calculate projects profitability, prepare financial models or set KPIs

We scalably and flexibly address analytical and strategic needs by preparing financial projections, venture valuations or business plans for any needs.

Knowing the industry, we know what the important success factors are, so we smoothly define a matrix of KPIs to keep track of.

Lack of sufficient strategic funding for the sector from governments

We comprehensively help arrange debt financing for working capital as well as larger investment projects.

We handle the process from A to Z to take of the burden off your team as much as possible while properly addressing even the most complex projects requiring financing from debt capital providers.

Large fluctuations in market data requiring constant tracking, directly or indirectly affecting business

We help you keep up-to-date and cross-reference market data with company data to react in advance to any challenges lurking around the corner.

We also help benchmark against competitors to compare performance and identify potential investment opportunities.

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