Whether it’s due to digitization, the Internet of Things, Industry 4.0 or smart machines, companies in the packaging and processing industry are dealing with more and more data than ever before. It is no longer just strictly financial, commercial or basic production data, but entire silos of operational, production or market data.

On top of that, the market is going through a challenging period due to various economic turbulences and environmental conditions, which, inter alia, results in exceptional activity in the M&A area. As a holistic business partner, we support companies in this industry in various ways.

Key challenges

Our capabilities

High level of complexity of production and logistics controlling, requiring resources with appropriate competencies and time-consuming processes. Additionally lack of knowledge of how to obtain data that can carry actionable insights.

Support in data acquisition and integration based on various sources.

Modeling of accounting and operational data structures and support in defining and calculating industry indicators. Reliable reporting of the current actual costs of products manufacturing.

Designing reports that include metrics such as production margin on various business lines, machines productivity, power consumption, raw materials turnover, ESG / environmental indicators, workplace productivity, etc.

Large impact on profitability of fluctuating market prices of raw materials (plastics, cardboard, etc.) and energy.

Development of tools for collection and monitoring of market data on raw materials and energy prices.

Support in creating simulations of the impact of changes in individual parameters (e.g. prices) on the financial efficiency of the organization (What-If Analysis).

Increasing degree of competitiveness, pressure on prices, perceived differences in operational efficiency of companies

Providing market intelligence tools to monitor KPIs of competitors, suppliers, customers for various purposes (comparison of productivity, assessment of risks and opportunities related to the financial situation of counterparties, etc.)

Insufficient funding for development and investment, ending funding programs from the government and various funds (such as grants or EU funds)

Comprehensive support in arranging funds for capacity expansion, machinery upgrades or acquisitions.

From the conception of the financing structure, business plan, financial modeling, to contacting and negotiating with banks and unencumbered advice in choosing the best offer.

Advancing market consolidation due to high fragmentation, the need to optimize efficiency and emerging companies with niche solutions that represent a potentially interesting investment direction

Comprehensive strategic consulting for both the buying and selling side.

We can conduct in-depth market research and engage in dialogue with potential partners, conduct and participate in due diligence processes and assist in negotiations. We determine the scope individually according to individual needs.

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