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Business Intelligence 360°

We visualize business processes in organizations.

We make quick reporting and visualization of data from various sources possible.

We help our clients transform their businesses into organizations that make decisions based on data.

We unleash the real value of data

The data generated by your organization tells a story and we provide you with the tools necessary to analyze it and develop it further. We call this process Business Intelligence 360°.

Our solutions will enable you to get to the very heart of every mind-boggling problem. We will help you discover trends and areas of inefficiency so that you can optimize your actions, predict the future and make accurate business decisions on an ongoing basis.

Flexible, well-designed reports on various business areas will make analysis simple, intuitive and fascinating.

Today’s leaders make decisions based on data, maximizing the efficiency of their businesses and optimizing the use of resources.

We want to work for leaders, which is why we support companies in this exciting transformation.

We convert data into knowledge, and knowledge into value

















Increasing the efficiency and value of an organization

is the ultimate goal of the entire process

5 reasons for implementing BI 360° approach

1 Are your reports being created manually?

Are they based on many sources of data that need to be integrated, which results in an overwhelming number of tables in MS Excel? We can solve this problem:

  • We collect, process and archive data all in one place
  • We integrate data from various sources and look for solutions
  • We convert data into useful and interactive reports, managerial dashboards and analyses
2 Does acquiring important financial or operational information take you a few days?

Do you find it difficult to make business decisions based on data because acquiring the relevant data is sometimes excessively time-consuming? We can solve this problem:

  • Applied technology allows us to update predefined reports quickly and efficiently
  • We create dynamic managerial dashboards available at hand and on different platforms (mobile/desktop)
  • Recipients of analyses can obtain the necessary information on their own and identify deviations from the norm
  • Analyses are user-friendly
3 Do you receive overly general or complicated reports?

Do you feel that the complicated spreadsheets or general financial reports you receive lack clarity and fail to provide you with clear information on your operations? Do you find them difficult to navigate? Are you unable to quickly diagnose which factors have had a decisive impact on a specific view of the situation? We can solve these problems:

  • We apply the “top-down” principle
  • We create managerial summaries depicting a company’s situation from a bird’s eye view, as well as thorough, multidimensional and interactive reports concerning various segments of an organization
  • We allow our clients to gradually study the ongoing operations, striving to make our reports as usable and clear as possible
4 Do you sometimes receive inconsistent or even inaccurate data?

Is your trust in conclusions drawn from (more or less complicated) reports limited because they are created manually by people? We can solve this problem:

  • We limit the number of errors through automation and data quality assessment
  • We collect data all in one place, verify its consistency and look for reasons for any possible inconsistencies
  • We update reports every time we realize the sources have changed
  • We are competent in accounting, finance, business and technology – we know how to solve your problems with unreliable reporting
5 Is the flow of information in your organization inefficient?

Do key people in your organization not have access to valuable information which could enable them to make better decisions? Is your organization struggling with informational chaos and is important data often shared via phone or email? We can solve these problems:

  • We provide key people in an organization with access to predefined business information, thus allowing them to quickly respond and make decisions
  • We limit the number of reports and information sent via email, replacing it with access to centralized analytical tools available in the cloud
  • We apply top confidentiality and data security standards in order to protect your sensitive information

Time for action. Time for change.

No more chaos. Consistent data for everyone.

Share data and grant access to selected analyses created on an ongoing basis.

Visualize the business processes and data you consider important.

Make your organization consistent, knowing that your entire staff works from the same source, which lays solid foundations for decision-making.

Convert data into decisions.

Thoroughly analyze your business lines, contractors, staff and costs.

Identify areas of low efficiency or worrying deviations from the budget.

Monitor and analyze marketing campaigns, timely payments by your clients or the detailed structure, dynamics and profitability of sales.

Draw conclusions and allocate your resources more efficiently in the future.

Increase the value of your company and boost its financial strength.

Collect and visualize data in such a way that it is easily presented every time, from many points of view, and in many dimensions.

Increase the value of your business, its creditworthiness or investment potential thanks to quick and easy access to credible data.

Create an organization based on data and gain a competitive advantage.

Choose your model of cooperation

Business Intelligence



Data visualization

Do you need technological and process support in order to change your model of data collection and processing? Do you find it necessary to optimize reporting in your organization? We will design and provide you with a set of Business Intelligence analytical tools that will change the rules of the game.

Financial controlling



Data visualization


Analytics, budgeting, KPIs

Consultation and ad-hoc reports

We will create or optimize the architecture of procedures and analytical tools used for retrospective analysis and planning. We will help you identify and build indicators and ratios of the financial condition of your business that are tailored to your needs.

We will design and draft specified reports supporting the process of business decision-making.

We will draft ad-hoc reports according to your current needs.

CFO 3.0



Data visualization


Analytics, budgeting, KPIs

Consultation and ad-hoc reports

Financial team management

Business financing

Strategic decisions

A unique combination of Business Intelligence, analytics and controlling as well as the competences of a professional CFO.

It is the only service on the market to include the capabilities of up to four standard full-time jobs all in one place. One invoice from one provider.

You will have the well-coordinated and experienced analytical Enterium team, modern BI tools and additional support in the field of financing and strategy implementation at your disposal.

Get inspired

Case studies

Overview of selected projects and the scope of cooperation with clients who have transformed into data-driven organizations.

Sample reports

See what analytical tools you can use and how intuitive they are to operate. We can design them in a flexible way, according to your needs.

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