Transaction advisory

We have been using the experience of our team since as early as 2001.

We have carried out over 100 advisory projects amounting to a total value of EUR 120 million.

We advise companies in an innovative way, always carefully analyzing the needs of our clients and the goals they plan to achieve.

Thanks to our competences in Data & Analytics and Strategy & Consulting, we are able to offer our clients unprecedented added value and comprehensive services.

We offer an innovative approach to transaction advisory


Irrespective of the form in which you are planning to obtain financing, we are your first choice.

We have established relationships with the majority of commercial banks and we know their procedures.

We have supported more than a dozen issues of corporate bonds. We can reach out to investors interested in capital support of your company. Among them are individual investors (operating as business angels), as well as institutional investors such as investment and PE/VC funds.

We will support your company in its debut on the capital market (IPO). We have successfully advised our clients on how to obtain capital and make their debut on the stock exchange. This refers to the alternative market as well as the main market of the stock exchange. Even today, we still support some of them in their investor relations (IR) and provide our support in reporting.

Sell-side advisory

We will advise you when to sell your company and how to prepare for the sale.

We will guide you through the entire process, from preparing the strategy and valuating the company, to developing materials in the form of presentations/memorandum and a financial model, to reaching the right investors, to final negotiations and settling the transaction.

We have conducted dozens of such transactions, with both financial and strategic investors all over the world.

Our services in the field of Business Intelligence 360° are unique in terms of support in the process of preparing for a transaction. The projects which we have carried out for our clients confirm that, thanks to this service, the owners have obtained an additional increase in the value of their companies as the result of the completed transaction, which has amounted to as much as several dozen percent.

Buy-side advisory

If organic growth is not the only way to scale your business, we are the ideal partner for you to shape and implement an acquisition strategy.

Our unique experience includes advising clients in global acquisitions in several countries and three continents.

We support the process comprehensively, starting from the identification of business models of potential acquisition targets, through the identification of specific companies, initial contact, negotiations, closing and settlement of transactions.

If you need to raise additional capital to finance the transaction, we will also take on this task.


Each transaction or fundraising process requires negotiations on behalf of a client or the client’s company with partners on the other side of the table. With the benefit of our years of experience, we support our clients in this challenging process.

We are characterized by the ability to identify key aspects and secure the most significant elements of a transaction.

We are ready to drive a hard bargain on behalf of our clients, but we never lose sight of business rationality and the overall objective of an arranged transaction.

Due Diligence

We support our clients both in the process of investigation by potential investors and whenever they consider acquiring target company.

Knowledge of these processes, combined with our competences in the field of finance, controlling, accounting and business strategy, provide our clients with comfort and flexibility of action, irrespective of what role they play in the negotiations.

Valuation and financial modeling

We have conducted hundreds of valuations and comprehensive analyses of entire companies, assessments of business projects, and complex financial models.

Regardless of the method of valuation or the analysis methodology, as well as their goals or the nature and size of a company or a project, our experience in this field has allowed us to live up to the most rigorous expectations of our clients.

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